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Ontario Conference Recap

By Everett Hanmer 09/18/2023, 9:00am PDT

The Saints, Beefs and Sooners each record the win

Photo courtesy of Acons Photography

With just two full weeks remaining in the regular season and playoffs looming, the excitement is ramping up!

Ottawa Sooners 40
Quinte Skyhawks 3

The Ottawa Sooners showcased their strength by defeating the Quinte Skyhawks with a commanding score of 40-3 at Gee Gee Field. The Sooners' extended their winning streak to 3 games, outscoring opponents 166-6 during this impressive run.  With a 3-3 record overall, Ottawa’s streak will be put to the ultimate test, as they are now gearing up to face the undefeated St. Clair Saints on the road next week. Meanwhile, Quinte finds themselves at 2-3 on the season, having lost three in a row. 

St. Clair Saints 60
GTA Grizzlies 0

The St. Clair Saints continued their OFC reign of dominance, defeating the GTA Grizzlies with a convincing score of 60-0 in Brampton. With a perfect 5-0 record, the Saints' offense is hitting its stride, scoring at least 60 points for the second consecutive game. Currently the second-ranked team in the CJFL, they're on a collision course with the Ottawa Sooners next week, who have won their last three games. On the flip side, the GTA Grizzlies remain winless at 0-6 and were shut out for the fifth time this season. Next, they face the London Beefeaters who are on a 2 game winning streak. Can they turn the tide?

London Beefeaters 20
Hamilton Hurricanes 13

In the "Game of the Week," the London Beefeaters secured a hard-fought victory over the Hamilton Hurricanes, winning 20-13. Both teams entered the game tied for 2nd place with identical 3-2 records. London dominated from the get-go, leading 17-0 at halftime. Despite a comeback attempt by the Hurricanes in the second half, London held on for the win, with the final score at 20-13. London now has a 4-2 overall record and sole possession of 2nd place, while Hamilton moves to 3-3 on the season. Next up, Hamilton takes on the Quinte Skyhawks.


Week 8 Preview

By Ryan Watters 09/15/2023, 1:30pm PDT

A full slate of games across the CJFL this weekend

Photo courtesy of Paul M. Williams Photography 



Quinte Skyhawks @ Ottawa Sooners – Saturday September 16, 1:00pm – Gee-Gee’s Field | WATCH HERE

It’s the second time in three weeks that these two teams lock up after the Sooners blasted the Skyhawks 50-3 in Bellevue.
Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot and need a win to keep pace with the teams in front of them.


Records: Skyhawks 2-2 – Sooners 2-3
Avg Points For: Skyhawks 24 – Sooners 30.2
Avg Points Allowed: Skyhawks 33 – Sooners 15.2

Passing Leaders: Josiah Bowman – 33 of 58, 412 yards, 4 touchdowns (Skyhawks) - Owen Cowan – 65 of 100, 948 yards, 6 touchdowns (Sooners) 

Rushing Leaders: Jake Venditti – 60 carries for 272 yards (Skyhawks) – Alexandros Varvarigos – 32 carries for 221 yards, 2 touchdowns (Sooners)

Receiving Leaders: Otis Newbury – 17 receptions for 150 yards, 3 touchdowns (Skyhawks) – Marcus Lynch – 23 receptions for 309 yards (Sooners) 

Leading Tacklers:  Burkely Banilevic – 21 tackles (Skyhawks) – Richard Graham – 17 tackles (Sooners)


Okanagan Sun @ Kamloops Broncos – Saturday September 16, 6:00pm – Hillside Stadium | WATCH HERE

For the second time this season the Sun and Broncos will renew their BC Interior rivalry, but this time in Kamloops.  Back on August 12th the Sun took home the victory; 32-12, scoring 27 of their 32 points in the second half.  The Broncos on the other hand scored all 12 of their points in the second quarter.

Coming into this game the Sun are 1-1 on the road, and for the Broncos this is their home opener after playing their first five games on the road. 


Records: Sun 4-1 – Broncos 0-5
Avg Points For: Sun 43.2 – Broncos 7.2
Avg Points Allowed: Sun 18.4 – Broncos 38.4

Passing Leaders:  Liam Kroeger – 58 of 92, 630 yards, 2 touchdowns (Sun) – Clark Snider – 56 of 115, 748 yards, 3 touchdowns (Broncos)

Rushing Leaders: Aidan Wiberg – 68 carries for 545 yards, 5 touchdowns (Sun) – Cam Gregorcyzk – 50 carries for 189 yards (Broncos)

Receiving Leaders: Kenny Williams – 13 receptions for 188 yards, 1 touchdown (Sun) – Colton Meikle – 20 receptions for 359 yards, 2 touchdowns (Broncos) 

Leading Tacklers:  Sheldon Gerlib – 12 tackles (Sun) – Maxim Bosc – 20 tackles (Broncos)

VI Raiders @ Westshore Rebels – Saturday September 16, 7:00pm – Starlight Stadium | WATCH HERE

The battle for Vancouver Island ignites again this weekend with the Rebels hosting the Raiders.  In their first meeting earlier this year, the Rebels dominated winning 69-0 in the season opener.   Quarterback Te Jessie threw five touchdowns in that game, two of them caught by Cairo Berry.  Speaking of Berry, he also returned a punt for a touchdown. 

Coming into the weekend the Rebels remain undefeated while the Raiders are still searching for their first win.


Records: Raiders 0-6 – Rebels 6-0
Avg Points For: Raiders 11.6 – Rebels 53.6
Avg Points Allowed: Raiders 57.3 – Rebels 14.1

Passing Leaders:  Ben Chomolok – 86 of 163 for 880 yards, 7 touchdowns (Raiders) – Te Jessie – 102 of 142 for 1536 yards, 25 touchdowns (Rebels) 

Rushing Leaders: Ben Chomolok – 31 carries for 206 yards, 1 touchdown (Raiders) – Gerren Hardisty – 71 carries for 640 yards, 7 touchdowns (Rebels)

Receiving Leaders: Paul Romanoff – 14 receptions for 195 yards, 4 touchdowns (Raiders) – Kieran Poissant – 35 receptions for 503 yards, 6 touchdowns (Rebels)

Leading Tacklers:  Nathan Haluik – 20 tackles (Raiders) – Demar Hohnstein – 38 tackles (Rebels)

Langley Rams @ Prince George Kodiaks – Saturday September 16, 7:00pm – Masich Stadium | WATCH HERE

It’s the second half a home and home after the Rams beat up the Kodiaks last week 62-0.  Their defence was spectacular holding the Kodiaks to 36 passing yards and 61 rushing yards. Both Trey Jones and Maxwell Bougie each threw a pair of touchdown passes. 

The Rams currently hold down the final playoff sport in the BC Conference with the Kodiaks two points behind.  They have won three of their last four and the Kodiaks had their two-game winning streak snapped last week. 


Records: Rams 3-2 – Kodiaks 2-3
Avg Points For: Rams 38.2 – Kodiaks 10.4
Avg Points Allowed: Rams 12 – Kodiaks 33.8

Passing Leaders:  Trey Jones – 70 of 119, 1075 yards, 12 touchdowns (Rams) – Quinn Neukomm – 32 of 81, 374 yards, 2 touchdowns (Kodiaks) 

Rushing Leaders: Kairo Hassan – 65 carries for 370 yards, 5 touchdowns (Rams) – Xander Shane – 42 carries for 216 yards (Kodiaks) 

Receiving Leaders: Isaiah Edwards – 25 receptions for 372 yards, 5 touchdowns (Rams) – Kaden Wagner – 17 receptions for 202 yards, 1 touchdown (Kodiaks) 

Leading Tacklers:  Evan Nolli – 16 tackles (Rams) – Ryley Amendt – 23 tackles (Kodiaks) 



Saskatoon Hilltops @ Edmonton Wildcats – Sunday September 18, 1:00pm – Emerald Hills | WATCH HERE

The undefeated Hilltops travel to Edmonton to face the Wildcats for the second time this season.  In their first meeting the Toppers crushed the Wildcats 50-2.  Their defence was incredible, with the only two points the Wildcats got was courtesy of a conceded safety. 

That Hilltops defence is the stingiest in the Conference and arguably the best across the CJFL.  They face a Wildcats offence that has sputtered all season long.  The Wildcats are still looking for their first win of the year.


Records: Hilltops 4-0 – Wildcats 0-4
Avg Points For: Hilltops 46.2 – Wildcats 11.5
Avg Points Allowed: Hilltops 6.5 – Wildcats 43

Passing Leaders: Trey Reider – 64 of 100, 953 yards, 11 touchdowns (Hilltops) – Caleb Taylor – 28 of 45 for 307 yards, 2 touchdowns (Wildcats)

Rushing Leaders:  Boston Davidsen – 73 carries for 573 yards, 4 touchdowns (Hilltops) – Caleb Taylor – 15 carries for 106 yards (Wildcats) 

Receiving Leaders: Drake Douglas – 21 receptions for 291 yards, 1 touchdown (Hilltops) – Xander Matheson – 10 receptions for 161 yards, 1 touchdown (Wildcats)

Leading Tacklers:  Matt Wist – 9 tackles (Hilltops) – Kieran Harris – 20 tackles (Wildcats)

Regina Thunder @ Winnipeg Rifles – Sunday September 18, 1:00pm – Maple Grove | WATCH HERE

These two teams meet for the second time this season after the Thunder held serve at home winning 45-21 at the end of August.  They scored 21 of their 45 points in the second quarter after the Rifles opened up a 14-0 lead after one.  Quarterback Carter Moberg threw four touchdown passes. 

The Thunder are coming off their first regular season loss since September 7, 2019, a very impressive run.  Last week they fell to the Hilltops and didn’t score a touchdown.  The Rifles on the other hand have been struggling and have lost three in a row, including the setback at the hands of the Thunder.  Their next three games are at home as they look to get back into the playoff conversation. 


Records: Thunder 3-1 – Rifles 1-3
Avg Points For: Thunder 35 – Rifles 15.5
Avg Points Allowed: Thunder 22.7 – Rifles 35.7

Passing Leaders: Carter Moberg – 65 of 120, 1124 yards, 10 touchdowns (Thunder) – Thomas Hubbard – 50 of 98, 590 yards, 4 touchdowns (Rifles)

Rushing Leaders: Ryland Leichert – 73 carries for 522 yards, 2 touchdowns (Thunder) – Kaiden Banfield – 61 carries for 228 yards (Rifles) 

Receiving Leaders: Isaiah Woodley – 20 receptions for 431 yards, 3 touchdowns (Thunder) – Jayden Martens – 10 receptions for 174 yards (Rifles) 

Leading Tacklers:  Stephen Smith – 23 tackles (Thunder) – Jaxon Gruninger – 16 tackles (Rifles) 

Edmonton Huskies @ Calgary Colts – Sunday September 16, 1:00pm – Shouldice Park | WATCH HERE

The Huskies and Colts renew their acquaintances on Sunday afternoon in Calgary after their first meeting became a shootout.  On August 19th the Huskies took down the Colts 51-38 as the teams combined for 571 passing yards.  Both Carson Neitz and Liam Oczkowski each threw a pair of touchdown passes. 

Last weekend the Huskies won their third straight, a streak that began with the win over the Colts.   During this streak, they have averaged 40 points a game.  The Colts meanwhile won their first of the season last weekend with an exciting 33-21 victory over the Rifles. 


Records: Huskies 3-1 – Colts 1-3
Avg Points For: Huskies 34 – Colts 27.2
Avg Points Allowed: Huskies 22 – Colts 38.7

Passing Leaders: Carson Neitz – 43 of 79, 669 yards, 4 touchdowns (Huskies) – Liam Ozkowski – 87 or 137, 1169 yards, 7 touchdowns (Colts)

Rushing Leaders: Ife Adebogun – 38 carries for 241 yards, 2 touchdowns (Huskies) – Alan Xiang – 47 carries for 201 yards, 3 touchdowns (Colts) 

Receiving Leaders: Carver Trapp – 10 receptions for 156 yards, 1 touchdowns (Huskies) - Nicholas Sirleaf – 19 receptions for 344 yards, 3 touchdowns (Colts) 

Leading Tacklers:  Brady Fedyniak – 13 tackles (Huskies) – Cody Anglo – 16 tackles (Colts) 


St. Clair Saints @ GTA Grizzlies – Sunday September 17, 1:00pm – Chinguacousy Park | WATCH HERE

It’s the only meeting of the season between these two teams and a David versus Goliath match-up.  The Saints are the class of the Conference and undefeated, while the Grizzlies haven’t won a game in a couple of seasons. 


Records: Saints 4-0 – Grizzlies 0-4
Avg Points For: Saints 41.2 – Grizzlies 3
Avg Points Allowed: Saints 19.5 – Grizzlies 68.5

Passing Leaders: Maurice Sodja – 28 of 40, 568 yards, 9 touchdowns (Saints)

Rushing Leaders: MJ Marshall-Doyle – 22 carries for 235 yards, 4 touchdowns (Saints)

Receiving Leaders: Zack Burmaster – 11 receptions for 209 yards, 3 touchdowns (Saints) – Jonathan Stoddard – 16 receptions for 210 yards, 1 touchdown (Grizzlies) 

Leading Tacklers:  Billy Patterson Jr – 11 tackles (Saints) – Devonte Edwards – 24 tackles (Grizzlies) 

London Beefeaters @ Hamilton Hurricanes – Sunday September 17, 5:00pm – Tim Hortons Field | WATCH HERE

It’s the final game of Week 8 across the CJFL as these teams meet for the second time this season.  On August 20th in London, the Beefeaters calmed the Hurricanes 41-6.  Defensively the Beefeaters were solid.

They snapped their two-game slide last week with an important win over Quinte and are 1-1 on the road.  The Hurricanes lost last week but have won two of their last three.  This is a very important matchup against the Beefeaters and need to have a massive offensive outpouring to regain the advantage in the tiebreaker. 


Records: Beefeaters 3-2 – Hurricanes 3-2
Avg Points For: Beefeaters 36.4 – Hurricanes 32
Avg Points Allowed: Beefeaters 16.4 – Hurricanes 24.8

Passing Leaders: George Denniss – 28 of 53, 357 yards, 2 touchdowns (Beefeaters) – James Duke – 15 of 44, 277 yards, 4 touchdowns (Hurricanes) 

Rushing Leaders:  LJ Dyer - 72 carries for 566 yards, 5 touchdowns (Beefeaters) – Jacob Schooley – 34 carries for 298 yards, 2 touchdowns (Hurricanes)

Receiving Leaders: Jagger Horst – 17 receptions for 291 yards, 2 touchdowns (Beefeaters)

Leading Tacklers:  N’Kosi Stewart – 13 tackles (Beefeaters) – Zach Chaddock – 16 tackles (Hurricanes) 

Ontario Conference Summary

By Everett Hanmer 09/11/2023, 8:15am PDT

The Saints, Beefeaters and Sooners all win

Photo courtesy of Joanna Kurowski Photography

In the heart of the regular season, Week 5 delivered a triple-header of Ontario Football Conference action on a bustling Saturday. As we find ourselves deep into the heart of the regular season, every game takes on heightened significance, with playoff positions coming into sharper focus. Let's dive into the action-packed recap!

Ottawa Sooners 76
GTA Grizzlies 0

Sooners' Sensational Shutout: Seventy-Six-Point Statement Win

The Ottawa Sooners dominated the GTA Grizzlies with a commanding 76-0 win on their home turf. This marks the Sooners' second consecutive victory and their first-ever shutout since their change in ownership last season. Their 76-point win ranks as the 8th highest shutout score in OFC history. In their last two games, the Sooners have been firing on all cylinders with a total of 126 points scored and only 3 allowed. They're now 2-3 on the year and hungry for a third win in a row as they prepare to take on the Skyhawks next week. On the flip side, GTA's struggles continue with an 0-5 record and their fourth shutout of the season. Next week, they face the undefeated St. Clair Saints, which will be a tough matchup. 

89-0 Burlington Braves…Sept 25, 1970
82-0 St Clair Saints…Aug 13, 2022
80-0 Verdun Maple Leafs…Sept 27, 1975
80-0 Ottawa Sooners…Sept 27, 1986
80-0 Windsor AKO Fratmen…Aug 19, 2017
79-0 Ottawa Sooners…Sept 20, 1975
78-0 Burlington Braves…Sept 16, 1970
76-0 Ottawa Sooners...Sept 9, 2023
73-0 Scarborough Rams…Sept 29, 1973
71-0 Ottawa Sooners…Sept 14, 1985

London Beefeaters 70
Quinte Skyhawks 3

London Reclaims Victory in Dominating Fashion over Skyhawks

The London Beefeaters roared back to victory at home, defeating the Quinte Skyhawks 70-3. Coach Matt Snyder and the Beefeaters' staff showcased their depth chart, fielding over 70 players in a stellar team win. This victory propels London to a 3-2 season record, and has them sitting in second place overall. London will hit the road next weekend, taking on the Hurricanes in Hamilton. Quinte, on the other hand, suffered their second consecutive loss, dropping to a 2-2 season record. Their challenge continues next week when they face the Ottawa Sooners, a team that handed them a 50-3 defeat just last week.

St. Clair Saints 62
Hamilton Hurricanes 21

Saints Continue Marching With Convincing Homecoming Win

The St. Clair Saints put on a show on homecoming night, staying undefeated with a resounding 62-21 victory over the Hamilton Hurricanes. St. Clair jumped out to a commanding 21-0 lead after the first quarter and never looked back, posting their highest point total of the season. With an unblemished 4-0 record, they now gear up to face GTA next week. Hamilton's loss places them at 3-2 and third in the standings, with London holding the head-to-head tiebreaker. The Hurricanes have a chance for redemption next weekend as they welcome the London Beefeaters to Tim Hortons Field, looking to avenge their earlier loss this season.


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