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Like Father, Like Son

By Everett Hanmer 09/24/2023, 12:00pm PDT

Drew Lawrence Ties Beefeaters Record Set by His Dad

Photo courtesy of Joanna Kurowski Photography

In a record-breaking game that will be etched into the pages of the London Beefeaters and Ontario Football Conference's history, Drew Lawrence achieved something truly special. The Beefeaters soared to victory, defeating the Quinte Skyhawks with a resounding score of 70-3 at their home turf a couple of weeks ago. However, it was the third-year Beefeaters defensive back and London native Lawrence’s performance that stole the spotlight.

Lawrence had 196 punt return yards which set a new team record for return yards in a single game. He also tied the team record for the most punt returns in a game with 10 returns. What makes this achievement even more extraordinary is that he tied the record initially set by his father, Moe Lawrence, back in 1989.

Speaking about tying the record that was held by his dad, Drew said "He's been on me since I started playing for the Beefeaters two years ago. I told him I was going to beat it leading into the game, and I didn't end up getting to beat it, but it's pretty cool to hold it with him. Not a lot of people get to say they have a record to share with their father, so it's definitely cool."

When asked about the conversation with his dad after the game, Drew chuckled, saying, "My dad told me the record doesn't count because the 10th return that I had bounced between my legs. But I still feel that it does count, he's just trying to hold on to the record, but it's mine now. Well, it's ours, I guess."

Drew’s 196 punt return yards put him into the ninth position in the OFC's record books for the most punt return yards in a single game. Drew says that having his name in the OFC record books is a privilege. "That's obviously an honor to have any type of record, and I just owe a lot of thanks to the coaches for keeping me in that game and my blockers for helping me get the extra yards."

While Drew's name was added to the record books, he says that his teammates helped him get it there. "My blockers were helping me out a lot and were opening a lot of gaps for me. We work on our special teams a lot, so the coaches set up a good game plan for me to succeed."

Beefeaters Head Coach Snyder was very happy for Drew and his father, saying, "It's pretty awesome to be able to tie a record that your dad holds, and hopefully those two guys share the record for a long time."

While Drew did end up tying the record Snyder shared that almost didn’t happen. "I became aware of how close he was right when we were going to take him out of the game as a returner, and then he said, 'I need three more returns to tie a record.' I was like, 'What record?' and then he said, 'My dad's punt returns in a game record.' So that's kind of like he's tugging at my heartstrings here; so we left him in, and if I knew he needed eleven to have the record on his own, we probably would have tried to get them to punt once more just to get him out to break the record."

Praising Drew's performance, Snyder commended both Drew's skills and the teamwork in front of him, saying, "I liked how he just caught the ball in the air or caught it on the first bounce allowing him to execute the returns we had set up. I think our return team did a good job getting guys in front of him to block."

Snyder also emphasized Drew's dynamic athleticism, stating. "He's really fast to start with. He has a very good vision of just knowing where guys are going. He's real shifty and he's aggressive as heck and he just really hits the seams hard. A lot of guys want to dance, but he's really aggressive at just hitting a seam and getting up the field."

Adding to the day's significance, the 1988 Beefeaters team, which included Moe Lawrence, was honored and inducted into the Beefeaters Hall of Fame during the game. The game provided a stage for father and son to share the spotlight and etch their names into the history of the team.

While the old saying goes that all records are made to be broken, Drew and Moe Lawrence’s story serves as a reminder that while that may hold true for sports, family is forever and transcends any record or achievement.


Week 9 Preview

By Ryan Watters 09/22/2023, 8:00am PDT

A full slate of games this weekend across the CJFL

Photo courtesy of Joanna Kurowski Photography

It’s Week 9 of the CJFL season with a full slate of games.



Edmonton Wildcats @ Winnipeg Rifles – Saturday September 23, 7:00pm – Maple Grove | WATCH HERE

With three games remaining this is a very important match up for both teams as they meet for the only time this season.

The Rifles’ playoff hopes are fading and need a win this weekend to keep them alive.  They are trying to snap a four-game slide after winning their first game of the season.  

The Wildcats desperately need a victory this weekend and need to win their final three and get some help if they want to make the playoffs.  They must take it one game at a time, starting with this tilt in Winnipeg


Records: Wildcats 0-5 – Rifles 1-4
Avg Points For: Wildcats 10.6 – Rifles 14.6
Avg Points Allowed: Wildcats 44.8 – Rifles 33.2

Passing Leaders:  Marcos Soltero – 39 of 68 for 476 yards (Wildcats) – Thomas Hubbard – 59 of 117 for 660 yards (Rifles)

Rushing Leaders: David Lezama – 22 carries for 119 yards (Wildcats) – Kaiden Banfield – 66 carries for 240 yards (Rifles) 

Receiving Leaders: Travis Heggart – 15 receptions for 161 yards (Wildcats) – Kaiden Banfield – 17 receptions for 188 yards, 3 touchdowns (Rifles) 

Leading Tacklers:  Kieran Harris – 23 tackles (Wildcats) – Jaxon Gruninger – 22 tackles (Rifles)


Hamilton Hurricanes @ Quinte Skyhawks - Saturday September 23, 2:00pm – Loyalist College | WATCH HERE

Both teams are desperate for a win this weekend as they fight to try and stay alive in the playoff race.  This is the one and only meeting of the season between them.  

The Hurricanes need a win to snap their two-game skid and remain in third place, while the Skyhawks have lost three straight and are on the outside looking in at the playoff picture. 

With points at a premium, this is the Hurricanes final road game of the regular season.  


Records: Hurricanes 3-3 – Skyhawks 2-3
Avg Points For: Hurricanes 32.5 – Skyhawks 19.8
Avg Points Allowed: Hurricanes 27.5 – Skyhawks 34.4

Passing Leaders:  James Duke – 31 of 71 for 485 yards, 8 touchdowns (Hurricanes) – Josiah Bowman – 33 of 58 for 412 yards, 4 touchdowns (Skyhawks) 

Rushing Leaders: Jacob Schooley – 34 carries for 298 yards, 2 touchdowns (Hurricanes) – Jake Venditti – 65 carries for 274 yards (Skyhawks)

Receiving Leaders: Jeremy Hicks – 12 receptions for 244 yards, 3 touchdowns (Hurricanes) – Nick Szigeti– 17 receptions for 248 yards, 1 touchdown (Skyhawks) 

Leading Tacklers:  Zach Chaddock – 24 tackles (Hurricanes) – Burkely Banilevic – 28 tackles (Skyhawks) 

GTA Grizzlies @ London Beefeaters – Saturday September 23, 5:00pm – City Wide Field | WATCH HERE

This is the only meeting of the season between these two teams as the Beefeaters welcome the Grizzlies. 

The Beefeaters have punched their ticket to the postseason with two games remaining and if they can get out to a lead they have the opportunity to rest some of their starters.   They have won two straight games outscoring their opponents 90-16.  This tilt with the Grizzlies is their final home game of the regular season. 

As for the Grizzlies they have struggled all year and have been shutout in five for their six games so far.  They will look to turn things around and have some success in London.


Records: Grizzlies 0-6 – Beefeaters 4-2
Avg Points For: Grizzlies 2 – Beefeaters 33.6
Avg Points Allowed: Grizzlies 55.6 – Beefeaters 15.8

Passing Leaders: George Denniss – 28 of 53 for 357 yards, 2 touchdowns (Beefeaters) 

Rushing Leaders: LJ Dyer – 108 carries for 884 yards, 5 touchdowns (Beefeaters) 

Receiving Leaders: Jonathan Stoddard – 17 receptions for 207 yards, 1 touchdown (Grizzlies) – Jagger Horst – 19 receptions for 303 yards, 2 touchdowns (Beefeaters) 

Leading Tacklers:  Devonte Edwards – 29 tackles (Grizzlies) – N’Kosi Stewart – 15 tackles (Beefeaters) 

Ottawa Sooners @ St. Clair Saints – Saturday September 23, 7:30pm – Acuman Stadium | WATCH HERE

It’s a rematch as these two teams meet for the second time this season.  Back on August 19th the Saints scored 21 points in the first quarter on their way to a 30-4 victory.  Javier Lewis had a massive game with two rushing touchdowns and caught a TD strike as well. 

The Saints are in the driver seat in the Ontario Conference, clinching a playoff spot and with a victory over Ottawa would secure homefield advantage. 

As of late the Sooners have been playing better ball and have won three straight with two road games left on their schedule.  They currently hold down the final playoff spot and a win on Saturday would all but clinch a berth into the Canadian Bowl Championship Series. 


Records: Sooners 3-3 – Saints 5-0
Avg Points For: Sooners 35.3 – Saints 45
Avg Points Allowed: Sooners 16.8 – Saints 15.6

Passing Leaders: Owen Cowan – 81 of 133 for 1152 yards, 7 touchdowns (Sooners) – Maurice Sodja – 28 of 45 for 631 yards, 10 touchdowns (Saints)

Rushing Leaders: Alexandros Varvarigos – 41 carries for 264 yards, 5 touchdowns (Sooners) – MJ Marshall-Doyle – 29 carries for 303 yards, 5 touchdowns (Saints)

Receiving Leaders: Marcus Lynch – 30 receptions for 414 yards, 1 touchdown (Sooners) – Javier Lewis – 12 receptions for 359 yards, 6 touchdowns (Saints) 

Leading Tacklers:  Richard Graham – 17 tackles (Sooners) – Billy Patterson Jr – 11 tackles (Saints) 


Prince George Kodiaks @ Valley Huskers – Saturday September 23, 2:00pm – Exhibition Field | WATCH HERE

It’s the only meeting of the season between these two teams as the Huskers welcome the Kodiaks.  

The Huskers are coming off their bye week so should be very rested as they look to get back to their winning ways.  They are hoping their quarterback Tyran Duval can return to the lineup after getting hurt the week before.  They are two points out of second place and in a tough battle with the Langley Rams for third.

The Kodiaks need a win to remain in the playoff conversation.  They are four points back of the final playoff spot and play three of their final four games on the road.   They have lost two straight and are hoping to get back to the win column.


Records: Kodiaks 2-4 – Huskers 4-2
Avg Points For: Kodiaks 11 – Huskers 36.5
Avg Points Allowed: Kodiaks 34.6 – Huskers 27.3

Passing Leaders:  Quinn Neukomm – 32 of 81 for 374 yards and 2 touchdowns (Kodiaks) – Tyran Duval – 82 of 132 for 1272 yards and 8 touchdowns (Huskers)

Rushing Leaders: Xander Shane – 46 carries for 220 yards (Kodiaks) – Reece Wyke – 83 carries for 571 yards and 5 touchdowns (Huskers)

Receiving Leaders: Kaden Wagner – 20 receptions for 211 yards and 2 touchdowns (Kodiaks) – Payton Lake – 26 receptions for 434 yards and 4 touchdowns (Huskers)

Leading Tacklers: Ryley Amendt – 23 receptions tackles (Kodiaks) – Kurtis Flynn – 26 tackles (Huskers)

Langley Rams @ VI Raiders – Saturday September 23, 5:30pm – NDSS Field | WATCH HERE

It’s the second and final meeting of the season between these two teams after the Rams took out the Raiders 54-3 in Week 2.

Quarterback Trey Jones erupted for five touchdown passes on 11 of 12 passes for 260 yards and the defence forced six turnovers.

This Rams defence has been stellar as of late giving up a total of 14 points in their last two games, which were both wins.  

A win this weekend would keep them close to the standings leaders and move one step closer to clinching a playoff spot. 

The Raiders parted ways with their head coach earlier this week and are hoping a change at the top can see immediate results on the field.   The club is still looking for their first win of the campaign. 


Records: Rams 4-2 – Raiders 0-7
Avg Points For: Rams 38.3 – Raiders 12
Avg Points Allowed: Rams 12.3 – Raiders 62.7

Passing Leaders: Trey Jones – 88 of 144 for 1314 yards, 14 touchdowns (Rams) – Ben Chomolok – 97 of 189 for 1000 yards, 8 touchdowns (Raiders)

Rushing Leaders: Kairo Hassan – 80 carries for 411 yards, 5 touchdowns (Rams) - Ben Chomolok – 38 carries for 218 yards, 1 touchdown (Raiders)

Receiving Leaders: Isaiah Edwards – 27 receptions for 423 yards, 7 touchdowns (Rams) – Paul Romanoff – 15 receptions for 205 yards, 

Leading Tacklers:  Evan Nolli – 18 tackles (Rams) – Nathan Haluik – 27 tackles (Raiders)

Westshore Rebels @ Kamloops Broncos – Saturday September 23, 6:00pm – Hillside Stadium | WATCH HERE

The Rebels and Broncos meet for the second time this year after the Rebels smoked them in Week 2 by the score of 70-10.

On paper this is a tough matchup for the Broncos who allow the second most points per game taking on the top offence and top team in the country.  The Broncos will need to play a perfect game and hope the Rebels are “off” in order for a victory. 

Last week the Rebels scored 95 points, which is tied for fifth most in a single game in CJFL history.  

The Rebels have punched their ticket to the postseason and will no doubt give some of their starters a rest if they can jump on top of the Broncos early on.


Records: Rebels 7-0 – Broncos 0-6
Avg Points For: Rebels 59.5 – Broncos 7.2
Avg Points Allowed: Rebels 14.1 – Broncos 43 

Passing Leaders: Te Jessie – 117 of 162 for 1894 yards, 31 touchdowns (Rebels) – Clark Snider – 56 of 115 for 748 yards, 3 touchdowns (Broncos)

Rushing Leaders: Gerren Hardisty – 79 carries for 763 yards, 8 touchdowns (Rebels) – Cam Gregorcyzk – 53 carries for 196 yards (Broncos) 

Receiving Leaders: Kieran Poissant – 42 receptions for 643 yards, 9 touchdowns (Rebels) – Colton Meikle – 26 receptions for 419 yards, 3 touchdowns (Broncos) 

Leading Tacklers: Demar Hohnstein – 40 tackles (Rebels) – Maxim Bosic – 25 tackles (Broncos)



Saskatoon Hilltops @ Edmonton Huskies – Sunday September 24, 1:00 – JP Bowl | WATCH HERE

It’s the only meeting of the season between these two teams and the final road game of the year for the Hilltops. 

The Conference leaders have been outstanding through their first five games with their defence not allowing much.  In four of their five wins they have kept their opposition to seven points or less and have pitched one shutout.  

Offensively they have put up a lot of points, scoring over 47 points each time they hit the field.  

The Huskies will need to find a way to slow them down while putting up some points.   They have averaged 40 points in their last four games, which included a loss last weekend in Calgary.  Sunday’s game is their final home game of the season.


Records: Hilltops 5-0 – Huskies 3-2
Avg Points For: Hilltops 47.4 – Huskies 35.2
Avg Points Allowed: Hilltops 6.6 – Huskies 27.2

Passing Leaders:  Trey Reider – 77 of 118 for 1140 yards, 13 touchdowns (Hilltops) – Carson Neitz – 55 of 102 for 933 yards, 8 touchdowns (Huskies)

Rushing Leaders: Boston Davidsen – 93 carries for 709 yards, 6 touchdowns (Hilltops) – Ife Adebogun – 51 carries for 317 yards, 2 touchdowns (Huskies) 

Receiving Leaders: Drake Douglas – 26 receptions for 384 yards, 1 touchdown (Hilltops) – Carver Trapp – 12 receptions for 213 yards, 2 touchdowns (Huskies) 

Leading Tacklers: Matt Wist – 15 tackles (Hilltops) – Kaige Houle – 18 tackles (Huskies) 

Calgary Colts @ Regina Thunder – Sunday September 24, 1:00pm – Leibel Field | WATCH HERE

It’s a rematch of the first game of the year between these two teams which saw the Thunder score 16 points in the final quarter to win 36-20.

Both defences played well, the Thunder found their stride in the final frame to put the game away.   Running back Ryland Leichert was outstanding with 21 carries for 170 yards and touchdown. 

The Thunder are 2-0 against teams from Alberta so far this season.  The Colts meanwhile have won two straight and a win on Sunday, coupled with a Huskies loss would bring them into a tie for third place.  


Records: Colts 2-3 – Thunder 4-1
Avg Points For: Colts 31.4 – Thunder 32.6
Avg Points Allowed: Colts 39.6 – Thunder 20.4

Passing Leaders:  Liam Oczkowsk – 119 of 180 for 1538 yards, 9 touchdowns (Colts) – Carter Moberg – 83 of 157 for 1342 yards, 11 touchdowns (Thunder)

Rushing Leaders: Alan Xiang – 61 carries for 248 yards, 3 touchdowns (Colts) – Ryland Leichert – 92 carries for 632 yards, 3 touchdowns (Thunder)

Receiving Leaders: Nicholas Sirleaf – 28 receptions for 495 yards, 5 touchdowns (Colts) – Isaiah Woodley – 24 receptions for 470 yards, 3 touchdowns (Thunder) 

Leading Tacklers: Khalid Anglo – 17 tackles (Colts) – Stephen Smith – 26 tackles (Thunder) 


Top 10 Power Rankings

By CJFL 09/21/2023, 12:00pm PDT

The top 10 teams heading into Week 9

Photo courtesy of Wanda Harron Photography

As the season enters Week 9 there isn't much movement this week on the CJFL Top 10 Power Rankings.

Rankings Teams Last Week
1 Westshore Rebels (7-0) 1
2 St. Clair Saints (5-0) 2
3 Saskatoon Hilltops (5-0) 3
4 Okanagan Sun (5-1) 4
5 Regina Thunder (4-1) 6
6 London Beefeaters (4-2) 7
7 Valley Huskers (4-2) 8
8 Langley Rams (4-2) 9
9 Edmonton Huskies (3-2) 5
10 Hamilton Hurricanes (3-3) 10


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