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The CJFL Takes Over Western Combine

03/24/2018, 9:15am PDT
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

14 former CJFL players showed their skills

A total of 14 former CJFL players took part in the CFL’s Western Regional Combine this past weekend and did impress the scouts.

Here are the results:  Bench, 40, Vertical (in), Broad, 3-cone, Shuttle

Name Bench 40 Vertical (in) Broad 3-cone Shuttle
RB Jimmie Airey 15 4.77 34.5 9'10.25" 7.38 4.52
OL Anthony Daley 15 5.62 25 8'2.25" 8.4 4.82
DB Jayden Dalke 6 5.04 29 9'3.25" 7.66 DNP
DB Brooks Falloon 14 4.81 32 9'7.50" 7.15 4.59
K Jonathan Heidebrecht 13 4.85 28 8'6.00" 7.96 4.66
REC Thomas Huber 3 5.18 25 8'10.00" 7.31 DNP
REC Jordy Kibamba 7 5.07 27.5 9'1.00" 7.73 4.59
DL Evin Kochisarli 26 4.97 31.5 10'0.00" 7.35 4.38
DL Trisitan Koronkiewicz 19 5.11 33.5 9'3.75" 7.41 4.37
RB Dylan Minshull 17 5.07 26.5 8'10.50" 7.82 4.75
RB Odun Ogidan 14 4.82 34.5 9'4.25" 7.5 4.59
RB Michael Ritchott 10 4.77 30.5 9'3.25" 7.3 4.28
REC Mitch Thompson 13 4.81 36 9'10.50" 7.21 DNP
OL Tyson  Thompson 9 6.03 22 7'11.50" 9.27 5.44


Class Of 2017: Levi Paul

03/21/2018, 11:15pm PDT
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

A lethal receiver for the Regina Thunder

Photo courtesy of Wanda Harron Photography

One of the most dangerous weapons for the Regina Thunder over the past four seasons has been receiver Levi Paul.  He concluded his CJFL career following the 2017 season and was named a Prairie Conference All-Star.  He made 41 receptions (tied for the most in the Conference), collected a Conference high 575 yards, averaging 14 yards a catch and scored six touchdowns.

He is part of the CJFL’s Class of 2017:

Why play for Thunder in the first place? – "The choice was pretty easy for me.  The Thunder has a great coaching staff and program and I saw a great opportunity to improve my skills." 

With opportunities elsewhere, why play four seasons of CJFL football? – "Playing junior football allowed me to apprentice in welding in Regina, as well as improve myself on and off the field."

Each player goes through a lot during his CJFL career, how did you grow as a person? – "The Thunder taught me to be accountable on and off the field, which has helped me a lot."

Now that you’ve graduated from the CJFL, what’s the biggest lesson you take away? – "It’s being accountable.  You are going to screw up at some times and you have to accept that and take it head on."

What’s your favourite memory of playing with the Thunder? – "I would have to say just all the time spent with my teammates, whether it be in the locker room or on the bus going to games they were all great times."

What will you miss the most? – "Definitely the team.  You get to see these guys every day for three months and it gets to be a routine.  Playing in the CJFL allowed me to make great friends and all sorts of memories."

What is next for Levi Paul? – "I'm super excited to say that I will be furthering my education and football career at McMaster University this fall."

Regina Thunder receiver Levi Paul is part of the CJFL Class of 2017.



CJFL Sends 20 To CFL Combines

03/04/2018, 9:15am PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

This month former CJFL players will show off their skills

Photo courtesy of Greystoke Photography

The CFL has announced their rosters for the three regionals combines along with the national combine scheduled for this month and the CJFL is well represented.

On Friday the “Ontario Regional Combine” will kick-off and five players with CJFL experience will be on hand.  They are:

Robbie Yochim – DB – Okanagan Sun
Shaun Robinson – LB – Okanagan Sun/Westshore Rebels
Johann Jenkins – REC – Hamilton Hurricanes
Johnny Grant – OL – Hamilton Hurricanes
Mitch Norman – OL -  Hamilton Hurricanes

A few weeks later, on March 23rd, the “Western Regional Combine” will come to Winnipeg and 13 more players that played for CJFL teams will compete for an invite the main CFL Combine.  They are:

Tyson Thompson – OL – Westshore Rebels
Anthony Daley – OL – Langley Rams
Thomas Huber – REC – Okanagan Sun
Michael Richott – RB – VI Raiders/Winnipeg Rifles
Jimmy Airey –RB – Edmonton Huskies
Jonathan Heidebrecht – K – Edmonton
Jayden Dalke – DB – Edmonton Wildcats
Jordy Kibamba – DB – Calgary Colts
Dylan Minshull – RB/LB – Calgary Colts
Odun Ogidan –RB – Winnipeg Rifles
Mitch Thompson –REC – VI Raiders/Okanagan Sun/Regina Thunder
Brooks Falloon - DB - Winnipeg Rifles
Trisitan Koronkiewicz - DL - VI Raiders

A pair of former CJFL players have already punched their ticket to the CFL’s Main Combine scheduled for March 24-25 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg.  These players will undergo medical examinations, performance, strength and speed tests, on-field football drills and team interviews with general managers, coaches and scouts from all nine CFL teams.

Rashaun Simonise – REC – Okanagan Sun
Archeleus Jack – REC – Hamilton Hurricanes

Good luck to these 20 players representing the CJFL at the CFL regional combines this month.


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