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A Football Story: Richard Graham

By Ryan Watters 04/18/2024, 8:30am PDT

The Ottawa Sooner shares his love of football

For the most part, players in the CJFL fell in love with the game of football at a young age.  The first chance they got they were involved in the game, whether playing, filling water bottles or cheering on their favourite teams. 

Regardless of how they got to their current CJFL team, each one of the players has a story.  This is the story of defensive lineman Richard Graham who just graduated from the Ottawa Sooners program.  He was a dynamic player on the defensive side of the ball for his club and every now and then would appear offensively as well.  

Following the Sooners season, Graham was invited to the CFL’s Invitational Combine and he impressed some of the professional teams so much that they are still talking with as the draft approaches.

Richard talks with Ryan Watters about his Football Story.