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CJFL Top 50 of 2024

By CJFL 07/19/2024, 9:15am PDT

A projected llist of the best players across the CJFL

Photo courtesy of Wanda Harron Photography

The list of Top 50 players in the CJFL for 2024 are based on their past experience in junior football and not what they have done in other leagues.

The season officially kicks off on Saturday with three games in the BC Conference opening their schedule.

Here is the official list for 2024.

Ranking Name Team
1 Stephen Smith (LB) Regina Thunder
2 Trey Reider (QB) Saskatoon Hilltops
3 LJ Dyer (RB) London Beefeaters
4 Javier Lewis (WR) St. Clair Saints
5 Drake Douglas (WR) Saskatoon Hilltops
6 Colton Meikle (WR) Kamloops Broncos
7 Gio LinuzzI (DB) Westshore Rebels
8 Noah Nelson (LB) Ottawa Sooners
9 Johnathon Stevens (DL) Saskatoon Hilltops
10 Ryland Leichert (RB) Regina Thunder
11 Keagan Curtis (DB) Kamloops Broncos
12 Cody McMahon (DL) Westshore Rebels
13 Darius France (WR) St. Clair Saints
14 Teijon Abel-Douglas  (PK) Saskatoon Hilltops
15 Cody Anglo (DB) Calgary Colts
16 Carl Fabre (DL) St. Clair Saints
17 Sam Kolkman (DB) Edmonton Huskies
18 Nick Szigeti (KR) London Beefeaters
19 Adam King (DB) Regina Thunder
20 Caleb Akerley (PR/WR) Edmonton Huskies
21 Maurice Sodja  (QB) St. Clair Saints
22 Mikhail Biggs (DL) Edmonton Huskies
23 Dalton Urban (DB) Saskatoon Hilltops
24 Camauri Barney (OL) Westshore Rebels
25 Kevin Ricard (OL) London Beefeaters
26 Billy Patterson Jr (DB) St. Clair Saints
27 Isaiah Edwards (WR) Langley Rams
28 Jacob Bond (LB) Okanagan Sun
29 Mo Ibraheem  (DL) St. Clair Saints
30 Owen Cowan (QB) Ottawa Sooners
31 Tyran Duval (QB) Valley Huskers
32 Roy Tambal Musa (KR) Winnipeg Rifles
33 Payton Lake (WR) Valley Huskers
34 Kaiden Banfield (RB) Winnipeg Rifles
35 Andy Ofosuhene (LB) Valley Huskers
36 MJ Doyle-Marshall (RB) St. Clair Saints
37 Derek Gumieny (LB) Winnipeg Rifles
38 Ben Walz (WR) Regina Thunder
39 Maxim Bosc (LB) Kamloops Broncos
40 Sean Cullen (LB) Langley Rams
41 Elelyon Noa (RB) Okanagan Sun
42 Dreyden Schlecht (LB) Edmonton Wildcats
43 Jagger Horst (WR) London Beefeaters
44 Cody Shumanski (OL) Saskatoon Hilltops
45 Cameron Grzegorczyk (RB) Kamloops Broncos
46 Drew Lawrence (DB) London Beefeaters
47 Raiden Mastin (DB) Valley Huskers
48 Teagan Good (P/DB) Quinte Skyhawks
49 Jason Kragt (DL) Prince George Kodiaks
50 Bryce Reuther (LB) Westshore Rebels


CJFL Gone Campin'

By Ryan Watters 06/27/2024, 8:15am PDT

Find out when each CJFL team opens main camp

The CJFL is under 30 days until the kick-off of the 2024 season with the BC Conference opening on Saturday July 20th. 

There are three teams that have already kicked off their main training camp in preparation for the season.  The Langley Rams, Valley Huskers and Ottawa Sooners started this past week as each team is trying to get a jump on the season as their players battle for starting positions. 

The five other teams will open their training camps after Canada Day, including the defending Cullen Cup champion Westshore Rebels on July 2, 2024.

In Ontario the defending champion St. Clair Saints are the final team in the Conference to open camp on July 26th.  Following the Sooners, the Hamilton Hurricanes are next on July 2, then the London Beefeaters on July 9th. 

As for the Prairie Conference, their teams don’t open training camp until after the middle of July.  The Regina Thunder is the first to open on the 18th while the defending Canadian Bowl champion Saskatoon Hilltops are the final team in the CJFL to start their camp. They will kick off officially on July 28th. 

Here is a list of the CJFL teams and their first day of main camp:

Langley Rams – June 24
Valley Huskers – June 24
Ottawa Sooners – June 25
Okanagan Sun – July 1
Westshore Rebels – July 2
Hamilton Hurricanes – July 2
Kamloops Broncos – July 3
VI Raiders – July 3
Prince George Kodiaks – July 5
London Beefeaters – July 9
Regina Thunder – July 18
Calgary Colts – July 20
Quinte Skyhawks – July 22
Edmonton Huskies – July 22
Winnipeg Rifle – July 22
St. Clair Saints – July 26
Edmonton Wildcats – July 26
Saskatoon Hilltops – July 28
GTA Grizzlies – TBD


HEADCHECK Partnership Renewed

By Supplied 06/20/2024, 7:15am PDT

CJFL and HEADCHECK Extend Partnership Ensuring Highest Standard of Concussion Management

The Canadian Junior Football League ('CJFL') and HEADCHECK Health Inc. ('HEADCHECK') are thrilled to announce the extension of their partnership. This collaboration, in place since 2021, has empowered all teams across the CJFL to uphold the highest standards of concussion management, thanks to the robust digital platform provided by HEADCHECK and invaluable insights from aggregate data trends. 

Concussions pose a serious risk, potentially leading to life-altering brain injuries. According to Boston University, over 500,000 concussions affect 3 million youth football players annually. The CJFL and HEADCHECK are working together to eliminate the mismanagement of concussions. Evidence-based protocols are the foundation of concussion safety, when followed.

"The information and data we now have from HEADCHECK is very valuable," said Jim Pankovich, CJFL Commissioner. "With it, we can take proactive steps to improve player safety and measure the results. The results speak for themselves; it's hard to argue that the CJFL isn't a safer league today than before we started working with HEADCHECK." 

"Overall, using HEADCHECK has made it easier for medical staff to provide the best athlete-centered care for concussion management," said Allison Frenette, PFC Executive Player Health Consultant

"The CJFL is dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of concussion management across their league," said Harrison Brown, CEO of HEADCHECK. "Collaborating with league administrators, team medical personnel, and Dr. Czarnota has been instrumental in making the league as safe as possible for the players."

To learn more about how the CJFL has been able to track yearly safety improvements with HEADCHECK, read this recent case study HERE.