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Five Year Salute

02/10/2019, 9:15pm PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

Keith Zyla of the Okanagan Sun

Photo courtesy of Jason Harding

Keith Zyla’s junior football career came to a close following the 2018 season after spending all five years of eligibility with the Okanagan Sun.

During his five seasons Zyla played multiple positions on both sides of the ball showing off his versatility. When we first joined the Sun Zyla was used sparingly and didn’t get a real opportunity to play until the 2016 season where he and Foster Martens shared the quarterback position.  Zyla finished the season completing 46% of his passes for 724 yards and threw six touchdowns passes.  He also rushed 31 times for 235 yards and scored four majors.

In his final season (2018) the veteran was all over the field.  As a quarterback he completed 43% of his passes for 285 yards and threw two touchdowns.  As a receiver he caught 14 balls for 90 yards a touchdown.  As a running back he carried the ball five times for minimal gains and even ran back four punts for 13 yards.

On the defensive side he played both defensive back and safety but only made one tackle.

He served all five seasons of CJFL eligibility in Kelowna with the Sun and the CJFL salutes Keith Zyla for his five years of service and wishes him the best of luck in the next chapter of life.

Five Year Salute

02/04/2019, 10:15pm PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

R Nick Agnoletto of the Langley Rams

Photo courtesy of Kirby Sports Photography

Receiver Nick Agnoletto of the Langley Rams graduates from the CJFL after five outstanding seasons.  He capped off his junior career with a BC Conference Cullen Cup championship, a national semi-final victory and a trip to the 2018 Canadian Bowl in Saskatoon.

His final season was his best in the CJFL hauling in 32 passes for 379 yards a caught two touchdown passes.  In his final game, the 2018 Canadian Bowl, Agnoletto caught a game high seven receptions for 86 yards.

He served all five seasons of CJFL eligibility in Langley and the CJFL salutes Nick Agnoletto for his five years of service and wishes him the best of luck in the next chapter of life.


Sun Name New Head Coach

12/29/2018, 10:00am PST
By Supplied

Jamie Boreham will lead the Sun in 2019

Photo courtesy of Greystoke Photography

“21 years ago I had my first interaction with the Okanagan Sun. I hated them, because I could not beat them. I respected them because I knew we were going to be in for a battle every single time. They were better than us, and when they showed up to the field, they garnered respect from the other team. Others even had a sense of fear.

As the next head coach of the Okanagan Sun we have our challenges ahead of us, but it will undoubtedly bring out the best in me, and I will undoubtedly bring out the best in our players and coaches. We have a responsibility that is greater than us. We have a tradition to uphold. We represent 38 years the Okanagan Sun has been a part of this community. We represent the many players and coaches that have come before us. Nagy, Christiansen, Houston, Letendre, Halverson and so many others. Some of the best people that I have played football with and against, wore the Orange and Brown. We represent this entire community, and we owe it to you to put the best product out on the field and in the community. I look forward to working with our community partners, strengthening relationships and building new ones. We will build leaders on our team and in our community. We will demand commitment, command respect and sacrifice for the good of the team. We will do ourselves, our families, our organization and our community proud.

Our players can expect something different. I will do my very best to give each of them a better experience than all the great ones given to me. I look forward to bringing my playing experience from the many stops along my road, namely Vancouver College, University of Manitoba, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I have been a captain at every level I have played at, and I will bring that leadership to our team. We will continue to bring in young men and develop them. When they leave us, they will not only be better football players, but more accountable people to themselves and the community around them.

This has been a long time coming, as a young boy my dream was to be a professional football player, later in high school I figured out that wouldn't last forever and that dream grew, I decided I also wanted to be a teacher and a coach. I am one of the luckiest people in the world, I have an amazing supportive family, I can not thank my wife Stacey enough for being as supportive as she has been in the pursuit of this dream, and my dad Mike who started me on my coaching career 25 years ago. I look forward to knowing that although my 2 kids (Beau and Bradie) never got to see me play, they will grow up watching me coach this amazing team. I am 40 years old and I am blessed to say that not only have I dreamed big, but I have lived my dreams every day. Being the head coach of an elite football program is the only one that had eluded me, until today. Now this dream will not be complete without Championships.

I want to thank all the many coaches, players and teams I have played with and for, they have all helped shape me into the person and coach I am today. I am excited and proud to be a part of this organization again. I look forward to working with the players, Lawrence Nagy, Les Weiss, Mike Botterill, the coaching staff and the rest of the organization to build a stronger, better, Okanagan Sun.” - Jamie Boreham