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Prairie Conference Summary

10/18/2021, 7:15pm PDT
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

The Thunder, Hilltops and Colts score a Week 9 victory

Photo courtesy of Gord Mellor

Regina Thunder 45
Edmonton Huskies 42

It was arguably the best game of the CJFL season with the Thunder coming back to win in overtime to clinch first place in the Prairie Conference.   

Down by 16 points heading into the final frame the Thunder came roaring back and forced overtime where they scored nine points including a 35-yard game winning screen pass to Brayden Long.

In all quarterback Carter Shewchuk was solid throwing for 363 yards on 23 completions and had four touchdowns, three of which went to Rylan Sokul and the game winner to Long.  Sokul caught eight balls for 105 yards and Isaac Foord hauled in five for 83 yards.

Defensively Bobo Kisusari made eight tackles and recovered a fumble and Ryan Mills made a game high nine solo tackles and forced a fumble.

The Huskies let this game slip away gaining 576 total offensive yards against one of the top defences in the country.    

The return of All-Canadian running back Brandt Burzuk complimented Alex Gayle who is on pace for a possible All-Canadian nomination.  The dynamic duo combined for three touchdowns on 41 carries and 283 yards.  Meanwhile quarterback Declan O’Flaherty threw for 306 yards found Adner St. Hilaire for a touchdown and ran for one on his own.

The only quarter the Huskies were shutout in was the fourth, which proved disastrous as the Thunder mounted their comeback.

This coming weekend both teams will conclude the regular season with the Thunder (7-0) hosting the Calgary Colts (1-6) and the Huskies (4-3) hosting the Edmonton Wildcats (2-5) in a possible playoff preview.

Saskatoon Hilltops 44
Edmonton Wildcats 7

The Hilltops officially clinched second place in the Prairie Conference and a first round playoff bye with their weekend victory.

Offensively the Hilltops used almost everyone on their roster in their final home game.  They used three quarterbacks led by starter Damon Dutton who threw for 214 yards and three touchdowns.  Trey Reider saw his first action and was 6-6 for 90 yards and threw a major.   

A total of 10 different receivers caught passes led by Dillan Heintz who caught four balls for 120 yards and a pair of touchdowns, all in the first half.  Noah Flaman and Josh Wiebe also had touchdown receptions.   Meanwhile on the ground Boston Davidsen scored twice on 17 carries.

The only defensive blemish was a second quarter touchdown.  Other than that the Wildcats had difficulty moving the ball.   Joe Yauise had an interception as did Dylan Cook and punter Doug Fleming got on the board with a pair of singles.

This Sunday the Hilltops (5-2) travel to meet the Winnipeg Rifles (2-5) while the Wildcats (2-5) will face the Edmonton Huskies (4-3).

Calgary Colts 23
Winnipeg Rifles 17

The Colts recorded their first win of the season on Sunday thanks in large part to an Yvenson Saintus interception with 20 seconds to go in the fourth quarter.

Offensively the Colts gathered 458 total yards including 300 through the air, mostly from quarterback Nick Kennedy who completed 22 passes for 276 yards and threw a touchdown to Brandon MacIsaac.  His favourite target was Shemar McBean who caught five passes for a game high 123 yards.   Kennedy also ran for a touchdown as did running back Ike Okafor.

The CJFL’s leading tackler Austin Daisy collected seven more tackles, a sack and an interception.

The Rifles on the other side saw a solid game from quarterback Bryson McNeil who completed 16 passes for 233 yards and hit Tim Solypa for a 24-yard touchdown strike.   McNeil also rushed for a touchdown of his own.

Linebacker Brayden Clarke had an outstanding game with seven solo tackles and an interception.

This weekend both teams will conclude their regular season when the Colts (1-6) visit the Regina Thunder (7-0) and the Rifles (2-5) host the Saskatoon Hilltops (5-2).

Week 9 Head to Head

10/16/2021, 10:30am PDT
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

It's Football Weekend in Canada

Photo courtesy of Jim Motokado

The CJFL is proud to celebrate Football Weekend in Canada with a full-slate of games.  The weekend is being celebrated across the country with not only a series of games from every organization, but with several digital events.  CLICK HERE for details from Football Canada.

As far as the CJFL is concerned, it's Week 9 of the regular season!


Valley Huskers @ Kamloops Broncos – Saturday October 16, 6:00pm – Hillside Stadium | WATCH HERE

Head to Head

Records: Huskers 3-3 – Broncos 0-5
Points For: Huskers 71 – Broncos 43
Points Allowed: Huskers 105 – Broncos 262

Passing Leaders: Josh Janssen – 74 of 144 (51%) for 794 yards and 4 touchdowns (Huskers) – Clark Snider – 28 of 64 (44%) for 301 yards and 2 touchdowns (Broncos)

Rushing Leaders: Brandon O’Connor – 81 carries for 266 yards and 3 touchdowns (Huskers) – Cam Gregorczyk – 68 carries for 210 yards and 1 touchdown (Broncos)

Receiving Leaders: Dylan Manocha – 15 receptions for 265 yards and 1 touchdown (Huskers) – Ayden Cummins – 11 receptions for 151 yards and 3 touchdowns (Broncos)

Leading Tacklers: Andy Ofosuhene – 24 tackles (Huskers) – Avery Dunster – 16 tackles (Broncos)

Turnovers: Huskers +3 – Broncos -22

VI Raiders @ Okanagan Sun – Saturday October 16, 7:00pm – Apple Bowl | WATCH HERE

Head to Head

Records: Raiders 2-3 – Sun 5-1
Points For: Raiders 89 – Sun 277
Points Against: Raiders 94 – Sun 42

Passing Leaders; Jake Laberge – 68 of 131 (52%) for 1110 yards and 11 touchdowns (Raiders) – Dominic Britton – 61 of 112 (54%) for 1175 yards and 12 touchdowns (Sun)

Rushing Leaders: Jason Henderson – 84 carries for 383 yards and 2 touchdowns (Raiders) – Malcolm Miller – 112 carries for 979 yards and 9 touchdowns (Sun)

Receiving Leaders:  Alexander Bonnetplume – 15 receptions for 293 yards and 6 touchdowns (Raiders) – Mike O’Shea – 18 receptions for 436 yards and 8 touchdowns (Sun)

Leaders Tacklers: Gevhahn McNally-Hardisty – 25 tackles (Raiders) – Peyton Ryder – 19 tackles (Sun)

Turnovers: Raiders +7 – Sun +10


Regina Thunder @ Edmonton Huskies – Sunday October 17, 1:00pm – JP Bowl | WATCH HERE

Head to Head

Records: Thunder 6-0 – Huskies 4-2
Points For: Thunder 213 – Huskies 257
Points Allowed: Thunder 86 – Huskies 123

Passing Leaders: Carter Shewchuk – 70 of 99 (71%) for 1131 yards and 10 touchdowns (Thunder) – Declan O’Flaherty – 102 of 175 (58%) for 1658 yards and 15 touchdowns (Huskies)

Rushing Leaders: Ryland Leichert – 71 carries for 408 yards and 4 touchdowns (Thunder) – Alex Gayle – 109 carries for 666 yards and 8 touchdowns (Huskies)

Receiving Leaders: Rylan Sokul – 29 receptions for 509 yards and 3 touchdowns (Thunder) – Adner St. Hilaire – 25 receptions for 471 yards and 2 touchdowns (Huskies)

Leading Tacklers: Stephen Smith – 23 tackles (Thunder) – Maurice Dubois – 24 tackles (Huskies)

Turnovers: Thunder +10 – Huskies +5

Edmonton Wildcats @ Saskatoon Hilltops – Sunday October 17, 1:00pm – SMF Field | WATCH HERE | Hilltops radio broadcast

Head to Head

Records: Wildcats 2-4 – Hilltops 4-2
Points For: Wildcats 151 – Hilltops 152
Points Allowed: Wildcats 193 – Hilltops 111

Passing Leaders: Devin Desormeau – 76 of 142 (53%) for 991 yards and 8 touchdowns (Wildcats) – Damon Dutton – 83 of 120 (69%) for 955 yards and 6 touchdowns (Hilltops)

Rushing Leaders: Nathan Zacharias – 94 carries for 549 yards and 3 touchdowns (Wildcats) – Carter McLean – 106 carries for 485 yards and 3 touchdowns (Hilltops)

Receiving Leaders: Lucas Howe – 17 receptions for 298 yards and 6 touchdowns (Wildcats) – Ethan Godson – 20 receptions for 376 yards and 5 touchdowns (Hilltops)

Leading Tacklers: Jordan Wilson – 18 tackles (Wildcats) – Jaxon Funk – 24 tackles (Hilltops)

Turnovers: Wildcats -6 – Hilltops +3

St. Clair Fratmen @ Hamilton Hurricanes – Sunday October 17, 2:00pm – Bisons Alumni Field

Head to Head

Records: Fratmen 5-0 – Hurricanes 3-1
Points For: Fratmen 271 – Hurricanes 141
Points Allowed Fratmen 70 – Hurricanes 63

Passing Leaders: Michael Beale – 61 of 90 (62%) for 1138 yards and 16 touchdowns (Fratmen) – Ethan Belbeck – 55 of 105 (52%) for 898 yards and 10 touchdowns (Hurricanes)

Rushing Leaders: Jacob Savoni – 72 carries for 461 yards and 10 touchdowns (Fratmen) – Isaac McAlonan – 28 carries for 186 yards and 1 touchdown (Hurricanes)

Receiving Leaders: Cody Holmes – 20 receptions for 510 yards and 6 touchdowns (Fratmen) – Quincey Belanger – 14 receptions for 290 yards and 2 touchdowns (Hurricanes)

Leading Tacklers:  Braeden MacDougall – 12 tackles (Fratmen) – Uche Onyekwere – 9 tackles (Hurricanes)

Turnovers: Fratmen +7 – Hurricanes -2

Winnipeg Rifles @ Calgary Colts – Sunday October 17, 1:00pm – Shouldice Park | WATCH HERE

Head to Head

Records: Rifles 2-4 – Colts 0-6
Points For: Rifles 92 – Colts 119
Points Allowed: Rifles 211 – Colts 260

Passing Leaders: Thomas Hubbard – 58 of 111 (52%) for 618 yards and 5 touchdowns (Rifles) – Justin Verloop – 50 of 99 (51%) for 673 yards and 6 touchdowns (Colts)

Rushing Leaders: Sekina Scheibler – 40 carries for 150 yards (Rifles) – Ike Okafor – 62 carries for 294 yards and 1 touchdown (Colts)

Receiving Leaders: Luke McMillan – 25 carries for 291 yards and 3 touchdowns (Rifles) – Brendt Adams – 12 receptions for 259 yards and 4 touchdowns (Colts)

Leading Tacklers: Barrett Mueller – 29 tackles (Rifles) – Austin Daisy – 44 tackles (Colts)

Turnovers: Rifles -2 – Colts -10

Langley Rams @ Westshore Rebels – Sunday October 17, 4:00pm – Starlight Stadium | WATCH HERE

Head to Head

Records: Rams 5-0 – Rebels 1-4
Points For: Rams 115 – Rebels 105
Points Allowed: Rams 12 – Rebels 170

Passing Leaders: Trey Jones 29 of 57 (51%) for 404 yards and 4 touchdowns (Rams) – Colby Henkel – 78 of 149 (52%) for 1153 yards and 6 touchdowns (Rebels)

Rushing Leaders: Joel Klassen – 53 carries for 429 yards and 1 touchdown (Rams) – Zack Lubin – 48 carries for 326 yards and 2 touchdowns (Rebels)

Receiving Leaders: Daniel Kubongo – 9 receptions for 163 yards and 2 touchdowns (Rams) – Kieran Poissant – 21 receptions for 420 yards and 2 touchdowns (Rebels)

Leading Tacklers: Kyle Clarot – 16 tackles (Rams) – Austin Morgan – 20 tackles (Rebels)

Turnovers: Rams +16 – Rebels -14

GTA Grizzlies @ Quinte Skyhawks – Sunday October 17, 4:00pm – Loyalist College

Head to Head

Records: Grizzlies 0-5 – Skyhawks 1-5
Points For: Grizzlies 34 – Skyhawks 147
Points Allowed: Grizzlies 215 – Skyhawks 252

Passing Leaders: Alex Purvis – 16 of 34 (47%) for 219 yards and 1 touchdown (Grizzlies) – Carter Stephen – 47 of 141 (33%) for 617 yards and 4 touchdowns (Skyhawks)

Rushing Leaders: David Lim – 34 carries for 141 yards and 1 touchdown (Grizzlies) – Adam Misiewicz – 61 carries for 143 yards (Skyhawks)

Receiving Leaders: Brandon Robbins – 21 receptions for 277 yards (Skyhawks)

Leading Tacklers: Josh Amador – 19 tackles (Grizzlies) – Burkley Banilevic – 26 tackles (Skyhawks)

Turnovers: Grizzlies -5 – Skyhawks -16

Football Weekend in Canada

10/16/2021, 10:00am PDT
By Supplied

October 15-17 with events across the country

Football Canada and the CJFL is pleased to release the list of events for the first Football Weekend in Canada, which will run from Friday, Oct. 15 to Sunday, Oct. 17. The series of events will tell the story of football in this country, running from coast to coast to coast.  Follow along on social media with #FootballIsOurs.

"We are very proud to be part of Football Canada and this incredibly exciting weekend across the country.  Each of our teams will be in action this weekend celebrating our sport alongside all the other organizations and football groups in Canada from the grassroots to the pros." said Jim Pankovich, CJFL Commissioner.

“Football means many things to many people across Canada,” said Jim Mullin, Football Canada president.

“In the midst of a challenging time, we wanted to create a digital event where Canada can take in stories, understand the diversity, challenges and triumphs of our participants, and have a national discussion on what the sport we love looks like today and in the future.”

The events set for the weekend include the following:

Football Canada Film Shorts Festival: Film study is an integral part of football, but this is film study with a difference. On Friday, Football Canada will feature a series of short films featuring fascinating football stories from around the nation. Featured subjects include Yol Piok, a former University of Saskatchewan Huskie; Gary Linthorne, a longtime football volunteer from Nova Scotia who passed away in 2020; Reina Iizuka, the first female to play on a university men’s team in Canada, and the Fort McKay Northern Spirits, a team of Indigenous girls from Northern Alberta.

Women & Girls in Football Conference: Football is for everyone, and this conference on Saturday and Sunday will allow attendees to see the opportunities and possibilities available for women and girls to get and stay involved in football in Canada. Saturday will feature workshops throughout the day, with a closing panel to follow on Sunday evening.

The RougeZone: If it happens in the CJFL or U Sports on Saturday afternoon, you’ll see it on RougeZone. Join hosts Jim Mullin, Gord Randall and Marshall Fergurson from 1-6 p.m. (Eastern) on Saturday as they follow all the amateur football action from Acadia to Vancouver Island and are joined by guests from grassroots football nationwide.

Celebrating National Award Winners: will feature interviews with the winners of the Presidents’ Award for peerless contribution to football in Canada, the Diamond Award for lifetime volunteer participation and Canada’s Football Mom of the Year. As well, will officially become the online home of the Jon Cornish Trophy, the prize for the most outstanding Canadian player in NCAA football.

Indigenous Merchandise Sales – Fundraising for Indigenous football: A variety of gear featuring the alternate Football Canada logo, created by Squamish, B.C., artist Kolten Khasalus Grant will go on sale on the Football Canada online shop, with all net proceeds being directed to Indigenous and northern football development.

Krown Gridiron Nation on TSN: This week’s edition of KGN will feature a roll out of the events to come. KGN is scheduled to air on TSN4 & TSN5 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern on Thursday with a repeat at 5 p.m on TSN2.

Raising the Flag: To close the weekend, Football Canada will announce the two national teams in flag football, who will compete in a number of competitions over the next year.

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  • A full slate of games this weekend across the CJFL
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