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Running Backs Week - Day 5

01/15/2021, 10:30am PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

Most Rushing Touchdowns, Season

Photo courtesy of Adam Marchetti

The CJFL running backs week continues.

Scoring a touchdown in the CJFL can bring on several different emotions and in most cases its pure joy.   Joy that you’ve put points on the board for your team, the joy of ending a long drive with six points or the joy of teammates huddling in the endzone with celebration on their mind.

Only one running back in the CJFL history has experienced more joy scoring rushing touchdowns in a season than any other back.  Andrew Pocrnic, as a member of the Langley Rams in 2019, seemingly scored touchdowns at will and set a new CJFL single regular season record in the process with 26 rushing touchdowns.  He averaged two scores each game helping the Rams to a Cullen Cup championship and a berth in the Canadian Bowl.

Pocrnic broke Tristan Jones’ mark of 25 that he had collected in 2006 with the Edmonton Wildcats.  The record stood for 13 seasons.  Prior to that Jones broke the mark which was held for 15 seasons.  The single season rushing touchdown record is clearly not an easy record to break.  Pocrnic’s new record of 26 is safe…for now but as they say, “records are meant to be broken.”

The top 5 leaders for rushing touchdowns in a single regular season in the CJFL are as follows:

1 – Andrew Pocrnic – 26 with the Langley Rams in 2019

2 – Tristan Jones – 25 with Edmonton Wildcats in 2006

3 – Andrew Harris – 20 with the VI Raiders in 2009

4 – Richard Boakye – 20 with the St. Hubert Rebelles in 1991

5 – Daryl Beswitherick – 20 with the Winnipeg Hawkeyes in 1989

Running Backs Week - Day 4

01/14/2021, 11:45am PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

Most Rushing Touchdowns, Career

The CJFL running backs week continues.

Scoring a touchdown on the ground is not easy.  It takes all the players on the field to correctly do their jobs as one collective unit.  One mistake or missed assignment could result in not getting into the endzone.

Arguably running backs score the most touchdowns in a regular season.   When in the red zone teams primarily try and run the ball in behind their offensive line.  No one has done that better in CJFL history then Andrew Harris who played for the VI Raiders from 2005-2009 and is now in the CFL.  

Harris holds the CJFL record for most career rushing touchdowns in the regular season, a record that could stand for a long time. 

Incredibly three of the five players in the top 5 in CJFL history played from 1989 until the early 90s.

The top 5 career leaders for rushing touchdowns in the CJFL are as follows:

1 – Andrew Harris (pictured) - 54 with the VI Raiders from 2005-2009

2 – Jaiden Smith – 51 with the Raiders, Valley Huskers and Victoria Rebels from 2002-2006

3 – Noel Chipman – 39 with the Okanagan Sun from 1989-1992

4 – Richard Boakye – 39 with the St. Herbert Rebelles from 1989-1991

5 – Dave Dinnall – 37 with the Burlington Tiger-Cats from 1989-1991

Each day this week, a new category will be highlighted.

Running Backs Week - Day 3

01/13/2021, 11:15am PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

Most Rushing Yards, Game

Photo courtesy of Matt Hamilton

The CJFL running backs week continues.

Over the course of a game a running back can punish an opposing defence especially when the winning team wants to chew up the clock.

A good back usually gets stronger as the game goes on, learning a defence on each and every play.  Learning a defence’s weakness, which player are getting tired and where the offensive line will open up a hole. Running backs study the opposition real time while they are on the field slicing through defensive lineman and linebackers.  

Most games across the CJFL see a running attack combine to reach around 100 yards.  However there are some games where a running back completely dominates from the opening kick-off to the final buzzer.

Our top 5 CJFL leaders of rushing yards within a single game did just that.  Took control of the game and had their way with the opposing defence.  Just ask Edmonton Wildcat Levon Hawreliak who has two of the highest single game rushing attacks in CJFL history while former Westshore Rebel Greg Morris is the only rusher in CJFL history to hit the 400 yard plateau.

The top 5 leading rushers for a regular season game are as follows:

1 – Greg Morris - Westshore Rebels, 405 yards

2 – Levon Hawreliak – Edmonton Wildcats, 383 yards

3 – Jordon Samoil – Edmonton Wildcats, 365 yards

4 – Levon Hawreliak – Edmonton Wildcats, 363 yards

5 – Michael Ritchott (pictured) - Winnipeg Rifles, 358 yards

Each day this week, a new category will be highlighted.