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Hamilton Hurricanes

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Hamilton Hurricanes Recent News

  • Madden Cup 2020

  • 06/26/2020, 10:30am PDT , By Supplied
  • Coast-to-coast live-stream tournament to take place during summer
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Recent Hamilton Hurricanes News

Madden Cup 2020

06/26/2020, 10:30am PDT
By Supplied

Coast-to-coast live-stream tournament to take place during summer

Football Canada is excited to announce a new national virtual tournament this summer.

From July 4-11th, the 2020 Madden Canada Cup will take centre stage. Overall, the tournament will feature four separate divisions:

  •     under-18 Playstation 4
  •     18-plus Playstation 4
  •     under-18 Xbox One
  •     18-plus Xbox One

Three separate Regional Qualifying Rounds will kick off the tournament on July 4-5, 2020. The Eastern Round will consist of participants from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Meanwhile, players from Ontario and Quebec will compete in the Central Round. Finally, the Western Round will see competitors from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia. Specific times for the rounds will be released closer to the dates.

From each division, the final 64 participants move on to compete in the Madden Canada Cup National Championship Weekend on July 10-11, 2020. It will be live streamed via Football Canada’s YouTube Channel. Throughout the broadcast, special guests will join the organization virtually, including coaches and sports administrators.

“We are incredibly excited to be hosting our first nationwide Madden Canada Cup tournament,” commented Aaron Geisler, Football Canada’s Director of Sport. “The hope is we can bring all of our athletes, coaches, parents, fans, and avid gamers together to experience some football over the summer.”

The rivalry of the Football Canada Cup and its history runs deep, and we hope that we can provide some of that healthy inter-provincial rivalry in this format and crown a champion to represent that provincial pride.”

There will be prizes to be won during the tournament. Each National Championship division winner wins five percent of the total revenue (minimum $750.00, maximum $2000.00) while the division finalists will earn a cash prize of $500.00. Regional Round winners will also receive 20 percent off at the Football Canada Shop.

During National Championship Weekend, anyone who is watching the live stream can get in on the prize-winning action as well. Throughout the day, raffles will take place and you can earn additional entries by answering trivia questions. Announcements of the winners happen during the Finals. Prizes include Football Canada apparel, FC Shop gift cards, and more.

The registration fee is $25.00 and includes a voucher for 10% off Don’t miss out on this chance to secure your spot in the tournament. CLICK HERE to register!

CJFL Weekend Warrior: Brady Cornin

06/09/2020, 3:45pm PDT
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

From the Hamilton Hurricanes

Photo courtesy of Bryan Durante

Each and every year the Hamilton Hurricanes find themselves fighting atop of the Ontario Conference.  One of the major reasons for their success over the years has been the play of their offensive line. Last season Brady Cornin played an important role for the Hurricanes and he’s no strange to the trenches.

“I’ve played football for eight years now and I’ve played on the offensive line all the way through.  I’m passionate about playing on the line and I know a lot of guys usually aren’t.  If you look at us, we are kind of intimidating and other people think we aren’t friendly (laughing).  I’m just a normal guy and love the controlled chaos and the controlled aggression and the really short explosive movement and that’s what made me fall in love with the position.”

The O’Neill CVI high school graduate in Oshawa says the best part of the offensive line is the controlled aggression and explosive moment.  “I feel that is where my strong suit is as a football player.”

The offensive line is always one of the most closely knit units on a team and the Hurricanes are no different.   “Every single offensive line I’ve been on is the closest team on the field.  We let the quarterbacks and running backs in the circle as well but you know what I’ll the receivers a close second, they are really close as well. But I do think the offensive line is one of the tightest units on the field for sure.”

When the Hurricanes huddle up Cornin gets excited when the quarterback calls for a running play.  “I love zone, I love running, just love smashing man (laughing), I love running zone, I love it.”

Like most players in the CJFL, Cornin as aspirations after junior football is over, “I like to think I could play at a University.  I’m going to school right now and I think I might be able to walk on to a University team once I go to school there after I age out of the CJFL and we’ll see where that goes.  Hopefully I can keep playing because I love it, I love football and I want to play for as long as I can and as long as I’m healthy.”

When his playing days are done, would Cornin hit the sidelines and coach? “I would coach!  I played with the Oshawa Hawkeyes and we won the provincial championship in 2017 and I had an offensive line coach talk to me about coming back to coach a couple of the guys that were returning the next year just to try and keep the same mentality and it was a really good experience for me.   I tell the kids coming up on the offensive line not to give up, it’s a really hard position to play and it does take a toll on your body but I think if you stick to it and you’re really passionate about it you’ll love it for sure.”

With the fate of the upcoming season still unclear Cornin is eligible to return to the Hurricanes this year and would be entering his fourth season in the CJFL.

Brady Cornin of the Hamilton Hurricanes is a CJFL Weekend Warrior.

CJFL National Signing Day

05/24/2020, 10:00pm PDT
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

Players begin their CJFL career on June 1st

For some Monday June 1st is the biggest day of their young lives, as the CJFL presents its National Signing Day.

The day is earmarked every year on June 1st, the day in which players can finally sign with a CJFL club.  When a player signs he is essentially signing for his entire junior football career as the player then becomes the property of that team.  

So many considerations are made before signing with a CJFL club; location, team support, roster depth, coaching staff, scholarship program, etc all weighs in on a player’s decision.

National Signing Day is not only exciting for the players, but the coaches as well.   Their ideas, hopes and hard work will finally come to fruition as they start to fill their roster spots.

Following National Signing Day coaches can continue to recruit and sign a player immediately if he’s a good fit for their team.  That said the bulk of the players ready to play in the CJFL will sign on June 1st.

Once players sign on the dotted line, coaches can begin developing their schemes and systems around their potential starters.  They can also begin preparing for their Main Camp along with Week 1 of the regular season, still to be determined as restrictions from COVID-19 begin to lift.

All three Conferences and 17 CJFL teams will participate on June 1st, signing players to their 2020 roster.

Fans can keep up to date with CJFL National Signing Day on social media with #CJFLSigningDay as teams will be posting once a player signs.

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