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PO Box1139 Main
Edmonton Alberta
T5J 2M1
Effective January 01, 2008 please be advised as to the new policy concerning the solicitation of cash donations.
Member teams may continue to solicit such donations but only on behalf of the CJFL and in no manner shall the donation be subject to redirection to a specified team.
The covering letter accompanying the donation should simply state who is soliciting the donation, for whom, purpose and the related donor particulars.
The CJFL will issue the appropriate receipt after bank clearance to be sent to the soliciting organization for furtherance to the donor with the appropriate thank you letter.
The CJFL will continue to accept non cash donations with corresponding proof of value as in prior years. Donations in lieu of services rendered remain non allowable.
The CJFL, business number 13972 3233 RR0001, is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association ( RCAAA ) which has been granted tax exempt status and tax receipting privileges.
Individual teams may apply for grant funding from the CJFL to help offset operational costs. These requests must be made on team letterhead and be supported by current year budgets and prior year financial statements.
Please email Mr. Bob Shewchuk for further clarification or additional information.