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The CJFL Alumni Club

Warriors From the Past Keeping the Tradition Alive

Mission Statement: "To be of benefit to former members of the Canadian Junior Football League and to assist in the continuance of the tradition of the League"

The concept for a CJFL Alumni has been in the works for a few years. The history of this league goes back to 1890 and perhaps to an earlier date. Players from our league have served in two world wars, the Korean conflict and in peacekeeping activities around the world. They are or have been politicians, firemen, policemen, doctors, lawyers, bookkeepers, storekeepers and football players. They come from every walk of life to play this great game of Canadian football. We need to keep this Canadian tradition alive and well and through the CJFL Alumni Club this can be accomplished.

This club needs to be more than just a source of past memories. It needs to be active in the pursuit of the issues of today while remembering the past glories. Check out the history of the league on this new and exciting website. Robert Sproule, the CJFL Historian, has done an amazing job in researching the history of the CJFL. 

To make this work we need to tie into the many junior football alumni clubs, past and present who are still active. This will give the CJFL Alumni Club an immediate source of names. All former members of the CJFL are encouraged to complete the membership application form to become an active member of the CJFL Alumni Club. If you have completed and submitted the form on the old website I would encourage you to resubmit your application. ( I do have some names that I will bring forward )

Here is the question?  How do we keep the tradition of the CJFL alive? Perhaps there could be an annual CJFL Alumni Club Award of some kind for some purpose. The CJFL Alumni Club could also look an Annual Hall of Fame event to honour our past and our present. We have many decades of incredible achievements to remember and acknowledge. 

Your ideas and thoughts are encouraged as well as memories of time in the CJFL which makes for interesting information in a quarterly newsletter.