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Class Of 2017: Brody Bernier

04/13/2018, 11:15pm PDT
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

Kamloops Broncos receiver

Photo courtesy of Jim Motokado

With another season in the books the Kamloops Broncos graduate another top ranked receiver as Brody Bernier’s junior career has closed.

The Kingston Ontario native had an outstanding 2017 season leading the Broncos with 36 receptions, 519 yards and scored four touchdowns.  What makes his numbers so impressive is the fact that he is the #1 threat on the offensive side, yet defences struggle to keep Bernier from getting the ball.

Why play for the Broncos in the first place? –”A former high school teammate of mine in Leduc Alberta player for the Broncos and got me to come out to their spring camp.  I felt like the team was on the rise and it was a good fit for me.”

Why did you decided to play all five years of junior? – “I felt that staying in Kamloops and continuing to develop as a player was more beneficial to me than making the jump to U-Sports so early.  Also the atmosphere of the city of Kamloops has for its sports teams is amazing, which makes the Broncos a very fun team to play on.”

Now that you’ve graduated from the CJFL, what’s the biggest lesson you take away? – “The biggest lesson I learned was how to work hard, both on and off the field.”

Each player goes through a lot during his CJFL career, how did you grow as a person? -  “Playing in the CJFL has helped me grow from a young main into an adult.  Moving away from home and learning how to provide for myself at a fairly young age was very beneficial.”

Upon reflecting on the season, what is your most memorable moment? – “I would have to narrow it down to a pair of moments.  The first one would be scoring a 60-yard go ahead touchdown with two minutes left over the Westshore Rebels this past season.  The other would be securing the franchise’s first playoff berth in front of the home crowd in my rookie season.”

Knowing what you know now, would you change anything? – “I had a great time in Kamloops and had a better junior career than I could have ever expected.  So no I wouldn’t change anything.“

What will you miss most about playing in the CJFL? – “Playing in front of the fans at Hillside Stadium, the bus rides to and from games, getting to practice on the nicest field in the BC Conference everyday. Most of all the players and coaches I’ve had the pleasure of developing friendships with over the past five seasons.”

What is next for Brody Bernier? – “I will continue pursuing my degree in criminology and continue my playing career at Saint Mary’s University in the fall.”

Kamloops Broncos receiver Brody Bernier is part of the CJFL Class of 2017.

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