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Return Specialist Returns

By Ryan Watters, 04/26/24, 3:00PM PDT


Caleb Akerley is back with the Edmonton Huskies

Photo courtesy of Gord Mellor

The Edmonton Huskies have high expectations on the special teams side of the ball this year with the return of Caleb Akerley.

He is a two-time All-Canadian kick returner that is hoping to make it three years in a row and continue to put up impressive stats.  Last season he returned 23 kickoffs for 512 yards, averaging over 22 yards a return.  He returned two missed field goals averaging 23 yards a return and 23 punts setting up his offence will good field position.  Akerley also has his eyes set on bigger production numbers as a receiver hoping to set up his offence with a nice return, then helping them move the ball down the field catching passes. 

His speed sets him apart from most of the kick returners across the CJFL.  Not only is he fast, but combine that with his ability to make plays and make cover teams miss tackles is unique.  Now entering his fourth season, teams will no doubt try and kick away from him.
One of the plays that sticks out in his mind over his past three seasons came in his rookie campaign against the Wildcats.  As a matter of fact, it was the first time getting into the game on special teams and he returned a punt all the way to the house for a touchdown!  

Last year’s final game against the Regina Thunder has been his favourite CJFL game to play in.  He says, “It was a great battle throughout with the energy and Intensity indescribable.”  The Huskies didn’t win that game but Akerley says he and his teammate are better for it and learned a lot.

He and the Huskies open the season on the road on August 11th when they travel to meet the defending Canadian Bowl champion Saskatoon Hilltops.

Caleb Akerley is a CJFL Player to Watch in 2024!