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Past Commissioner Award Winner

By Ryan Watters, 11/05/23, 3:00PM PST


Ethan Hartman of the Edmonton Huskies

Photo courtesy of Gord Mellor

As part of the 2023 Canadian Bowl festivities the CJFL is proud to announce the recipient of the Past Commissioners Community Service Award.  This award is given annually to an outstanding young person playing football for a CJFL team as well as contributing to their community.  

The current CJFL Deputy Commissioner Paul Shortt will present Ethan Hartman of the Edmonton Huskies with the Past Commissioners Award at the Celebration of Excellence on Friday November 10th in Westshore. BC.

“Giving back to the community is extremely important to me because whether it be football, school, or otherwise, I’ve been extremely blessed to be supported by so many wonderful people and groups within my community throughout my life,” says Ethan. “Especially in the CJFL, we are only able to play because of the support of our community. If I can in turn contribute positively and give back to the community in any capacity it makes me incredibly proud to do so.”

Ethan is a fifth-year player with the Huskies and has demonstrated outstanding leadership on and off the field.  He is admired and respected by his teammates and coaches, always leading by example, and showing outstanding work ethic on and off the field.  He is an active member of the community and a committed member of the Huskies all year round.

On the field, Ethan is a standout punter and placekicker who is dedicated to continual improvement.  His dedication and work in the off-season has been outstanding, and this has led to him being a dominant punter on the field.

Ethan is also a student at the University of Alberta taking a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and is in his graduating year. In addition to his school and football commitments, he finds time to do some truly outstanding community work with many different organizations and has for the last several years.

Since 2015 he has been part of the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation and has directly coordinated and overseen various ceremonies in Edmonton. He contacts and plans with local teachers, as well as carrying out the ceremony itself, usually involving 200+ students, local dignitaries and/or military members. His job is to ensure that the ceremony occurs smoothly, while teaching the students the importance of honouring our Veterans with respect while laying poppies at their graves.

He also operates the official Instagram account for the Foundation, as well as creating various posts, videos, advertisements, and other forms of digital media to spread the message of the organization. As a consultant on the marketing team Ethan assists in creating campaigns to raise awareness and tries to grow the movement across the globe. 

Recently he took on the role of International Site Development Coordination which he assists in the creation of new No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation ceremonies of Remembrance at Commonwealth cemeteries across Europe where Canadian Veterans are buried, the majority of which are from the two World Wars. This role involves working alongside the Foundation’s President as well as individuals from across Canada and Europe to organize sites.

“Coming from a family with individuals who have served in both the World Wars, their service gave me the country and life I’m able to enjoy today,” continued Hartman. “Being able to help preserve their legacy and the legacy of others who have served or currently serve is the least I can do for what they’ve done for our country.”

If that isn’t enough Ethan also coaches’ youth football and volunteers to help at Kinsman’s Youth Day camps in Edmonton.
For two years Ethan has been an Assistant Wish Granter with Make a Wish Canada. He assists Make a Wish staff in the planning and enhancement of children’s wishes by planning extra wish activities and gifts. He works to make the child’s wish experience memorable and exciting until the actual wish can be granted.

In this process, he spends time with the child and their family, getting to know them, and then planning activities and gifts based on their interests.

“Ethan is a beautiful human being who also happens to be a great football player,” said Jeff Tobert, Huskies Head Coach. “His community involvement makes me wonder how he has time to play at a high level and be a terrific student. We are so proud of him!  He embodies all of the values that are core to our club!”

Congratulations Ethan Hartman, the CJFL Past Commissioner Award winner for 2023.