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A Legend Lost

By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters), 02/28/22, 2:15PM PST


Keith Evans was a true Colt and CJFL supporter

The Canadian Junior Football League is saddened today by the announcement that long time supporter Keith Evans has passed away. 

He was one of the major building blocks of the Calgary Colts and their back-to-back Canadian Bowl championships in 1989 and 1990. He was named the CJFL Executive of the Year in 1987, named a CJFL Life Member in 1995 and was the recipient of the Ed Henick Award in 1999 for his outstanding contributions to junior football.

“He was one of the first people I met when I got involved with the Edmonton Wildcats,” says CJFL Commissioner Jim Pankovich.  “He was always generous of his time and passion for the game as an advocate for the Calgary Colts, but also a strong believe in the Canadian Junior football experience. He was a gentleman and true sportsman.”

“He was a great, kind man and a friend to all,” says Edmonton Huskies President Curtis Craig.  “Speaking for the senior members of the Huskies’ Board of Directors, we all share the utmost respect for the Colts’ program, originating from the friendship we were all blessed to have with Keith for over 20 years. The camaraderie we all enjoy at the PFC today is largely due to Keith’s leadership, honesty and respect which he always brought to the AGMs.  He was a great role model to all.”

The CJFL shares their sincerest condolences to the entire Calgary Colts’ family for their loss.  All of football shares in this loss today as he was truly one of the greats in junior football history.