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Fratmen Unveil New Brand

04/26/2020, 10:15pm PDT
By Supplied

St Clair College launch new logo for Fratmen

The St. Clair Fratmen Football team officially unveiled its new logo through social media and on the website.  The logo utilizes the St. Clair corporate Griffin inside a football while maintaining the historical text of the Fratmen nickname.  St. Clair College’s traditional green and gold colours are present throughout the design.

“We think this new Fratmen Football team logo stands out and it is fittingly inspired by the griffin which ties our Saints family together,” stated SAA President Kshitij Punj.  He continued, “With the launch of the new logo, my SAA colleagues and I are really looking forward to seeing the team wear our colours in action.  The operations and development of this team are underway which is very exciting.”

As the season nears additional branding will be put in place featuring this logo.  Also attached is the uniform design of the St. Clair Fratmen in both the white and green options.

Due to COVID, the entire league is currently on shut down of any football related activity until June 1st.  The season schedule will be released when the Canadian Junior Football League leadership, after consultation with the provincial and federal health organizations, feels it is safe to resume activity.

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