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CJFL Weekend Warrior: Joash Perry

02/09/2020, 5:15pm PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

From the GTA Grizzlies

Photo courtesy of Boris Terzic

One of the bright spots on the GTA Grizzlies this past year was the play of Joash Perry who saw time both on the offensive and defensive lines.  He’s no stranger to playing both ways coming to the Grizzlies from Mayfield Secondary School in Caledon.  Once he joined the Grizzlies he immediately exceled through proper coaching of his technique and fundamentals.  

When in the huddle and the quarterback calls a running play Perry gets excited, “Definitely, especially if you’re a pulling guard, when you know you get to crack a kid on the other side.  It’s just the best feeling ever because when you see that play develop, it’s like ya, I was part of that of that play, I did something big and that’s why we are moving because we’re all one unit and if that unit is working together, it’s amazing what that outcome is.”

Perry is spending time in the CJFL to get better and fine tune his natural skills but does have aspirations of moving on either on the offensive or defensive side.  “I’ve always wanted to play pro starting when I was in high school and I’ve taken every step possible to keep on going and keep on playing and I’m ready to give it my all and make it.”    Being a part of the Grizzlies organization Perry would love to ultimately play for his hometown Argos.

Joash Perry of the GTA Grizzlies is a CJFL Weekend Warrior.

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