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CJFL Weekend Warrior: Jaden Lakie

02/02/2020, 11:30pm PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

One of the best from the Winnipeg Rifles

One of the best on the offensive line in the Prairie Conference is Jaden Lakie of the Winnipeg Rifles.  At 6’2, 250 pounds he is an excellent blocker and is able to make room for the running backs behind him.

He wasn’t always on the offensive line.  He started his football life on the other side of the ball, the defensive line showing his excellent versatility.  However seven years ago he made the switch to the offensive line and he fell in love with the position.   It’s the combination of physicality along with the technique and knowledge that is required on the offensive line that has Lakie excelling, but that’s not all.  He says “it’s the only position where you get to hit someone on every play,” that made his decision easy to flip to the offensive side.  Well that, and the brotherhood that is on the offensive line amongst the five starters and back-up players.

When the Rifles are in the huddle Lakie’s smile gets just a little bit bigger when the quarterback calls their counter play where he is able to pull up to a linebacker and knock him down.

Once his football career comes to a close, don’t think he’ll simply walk away from the game.  He has expressed an interest in coaching as he says, “it is very intriguing to me because I love the technique and knowledge that’s involved.”    For now however he is still figuring out what to do next and his future in football.  If he comes back to the Rifles he’ll enter his fourth CJFL season in 2020.   For now he’s going to school and working on the academic side of his life.

Jaden Lakie of the Winnipeg Rifles is a CJFL Weekend Warrior.

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