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CJFL Weekend Warrior: Daniel Townsend

12/09/2019, 10:45pm PST
By Ryan Watters (@ryan2tswatters)

Okanagan Sun All-Canadian

Photo courtesy of Shoot The Breeze

The one position on the field coaches need more than any other spot is the offensive line.  Without a good line quarterbacks are rushed, running backs are stopped and generally the offence just doesn’t run smoothly.  The CJFL are fortunate to have a number of outstanding offensive linemen or as we like to call them, Weekend Warriors.

One of the best this past season was Daniel Townsend of the Okanagan Sun.  He was a standout in 2019 on an offence that featured a quarterback in his first CJFL campaign.  Following his outstanding season he was named a CJFL All-Canadian.

The Calgary native has been an offensive lineman for the past 14 years and says the line is a tough position to play and a big challenge to excel at it.  Despite the toughness of the line Daniel claims working towards being successful at it, is “fun.”

In his eyes one of the best aspects of the offensive line is going “to war with the guy across from you.”  He particularly loves begin in the huddle and hearing the quarterback call an outside zone run designed to be a fast paced play.

Daniel, like most players in the CJFL has aspirations of playing for a professional team and continues to work towards that goal here in the offseason.    If his playing career doesn’t allow him to go pro he would be interested in getting back on the sidelines to coach.

For now however Daniel has plans to return to the Sun and the CJFL in 2020 and the coaching staff in Kelowna is no doubt excited for him to bring that 6’6, 330 pound frame back to the Apple Bowl and improve on his All-Canadian season.  The 2020 campaign could be a monster year for Daniel as he hopes to catch the eye of a pro scout, who like coaches are always seeking the next outstanding offensive lineman.

Daniel Townsend of the Okanagan Sun is a CJFL Weekend Warrior.

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